GCC VAT Known Gaps

1. The Arabic characters did not appear when a bilingual invoice was exported to PDF.

Scenario in which this problem was occurring:

1. Open an invoice in alteration mode.

2. Press Alt+P to print.

3. In the Voucher Printing screen, select the option Bilingual in the field Print Type and press Enter .

4. Click Export .

5. In the field Format , select the option PDF (Portable Document Format) . Retain other selections.

6. Press Enter to export.

Note: This process is applicable when the Print Type is selected as Single and the Print language is selected as Arabic .

The Arabic characters are replaced by the ? symbol in the exported PDF.


Tally.ERP 9’s PDF format does not support Unicode.


You can print using the PDF creator installed on your computer instead of exporting in PDF format.

1. In the Voucher Printing screen, select the option Bilingual in the Print Type field and press Enter .

2. Click S : Select Printer and select PDF Creator from the List of Printers .

Note: Ensure that PDF Creator is installed on your computer.

3. Press Enter .

4. Press Enter to print.

The Arabic characters appear in the printed PDF.

2. The bilingual printout of an invoice displayed field names such as invoice title, company name and address, twice in English. In bilingual format, the fields should be displayed in English and Arabic simultaneously.


This occurs when the user entered details such as company name and address only in English, but not the Arabic version of the same. Tally.ERP 9 translates the default fields in an invoice to Arabic, and not the user entered fields.


You can record the Arabic names for the fields such as company name and address, and even the title of the invoice.

Note: Ensure that the DCT file for the Arabic language is configured in Tally.ERP 9.

Record the company name and address in Arabic

1. Click F11: Features and go to Statutory and Taxation .

2. In the Company Operations Alteration screen, click F12: Configure .

3. Enable the option Show mailing details in local language? and press Enter .

4. Enable the option Mailing details in local language? to open Company Mailing Details screen.

5. Enter the Primarily Mailing Details in Arabic in the given fields.

6. Press Ctrl+A to accept.

Record the invoice title in Arabic

1. In the Voucher Printing screen, click T : Titling .

2. Under Report Titles , enter Title in English and Title in Arabic .

3. Press Ctrl+A to accept.

You can record Arabic names for stock items, and ledgers in the (alias) field by selecting Arabic as the keyboard language ( K : Keyboard ).