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Voucher Classes for Payment, Receipt and Contra Vouchers

The primary intention of using classes for payment, receipt and contra vouchers is to enable data input in single entry or list mode rather than in Tally's traditional double entry mode.

Let us take an example of a Payment Voucher .

You can either alter the existing Payment Voucher Type or create a new voucher type based on your requirements.

● Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Voucher Types > alter Payment .

● Take the cursor to the Name of Class field.  Give a name to the class say Cash Payment. You can create more than one class.

● Exclude these Groups and Include these Groups : Using this option, you can select only those groups pertaining to the Class, which makes the entry simpler.

● Ledger Name : Selecting the ledger account that will be used to pay out the money will eliminate the need to select it during entry. In this case, it is Cash Account. While passing the payment voucher, the Cash-Location B account will be automatically selected. You may even select 'Not Applicable'. The purpose of selecting 'Not Applicable' will be, to permit Single Entry mode and at the same time retaining the option of selecting the account during entry.

Note: Exclude or Include Groups are irrelevant when you specify a Ledger Name for which the class is created. They are useful when you select Not Applicable .