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VAT - FAQ (Maharashtra)

This page lists the FAQ for Maharashtra VAT.

On this page:

Defining Tax Rates

Creating Masters

Recording Purchase Transactions

Recording Sales Transactions

Recording Adjustment and Payment Transactions

Forms and Annexures

Resolving Exceptions

Defining Tax Rates

1. How do I enable VAT?

2. How do I define tax rates at group level?

3. How do I define tax rates at ledger level?

4. How do I define tax rates at stock item level?

5. How do I define tax rate for stock group?

6. The VAT rate I have configured has changed now. How can I revise the rate in my data?

Creating Masters

1. How do I create a supplier ledger?

2. How do I create a customer ledger?

3. How do I create a purchase ledger?

4. How do I create a sales ledger?

5. How do I create a VAT classification?

Recording Purchase Transactions

1. How do I record local purchase transaction for items attracting multiple VAT rates ?

2. How do I record interstate purchase invoice against Form C?

Recording Sales Transactions

1. How do I record a local sales invoice for taxable goods with multiple VAT rates?

2. How do I record an interstate sales invoice against Form C?

Recording Adjustment and Payment Transactions

1. How do I record a purchase return?

2. How do I record a sales return?

3. How do I record a payment voucher?

4. How do I record a journal voucher towards reversal of input tax?

Forms and Annexures

1. What is VAT Form 231?

2. What is VAT Form 233?

3. How do I export data to VAT return?

4. How do I resolve the difference in VAT computation value in annexure?

5. What are the forms and annexures supported for Maharashtra?

Resolving Exceptions

1. How do I resolve No. of voucher with incomplete/mismatch in information exception?

2. How do I resolve Country, state and dealer type mismatch/not specified exception?

3. How do I resolve Tax rate/tax type not specified exception?

4. How do I resolve Nature of transaction, assessable value, rate of tax modified in voucher exception?

5. How do I resolve Incorrect tax type selected in tax ledger exception?

6. How do I resolve Mismatch due to tax amount modified in voucher exception?

7. How do I resolve Voucher with incomplete/incorrect adjustment details exception?

8. How do I resolve Information required for generating annexure not provided exception?

9. How to fix the mismatch in values of computation and annexures when stock items are enabled for MRP?

Release 5.4

1. What are the enhancements in Maharashtra e-Returns in Release 5.4?

2. Which are the e-return forms supported for Maharashtra in Release 5.4?

3. What are transaction codes?

4. Are transaction codes stored in the database?

5. What is the criteria based on which transaction codes are assigned to a transactions?

6. What values are captured under Labour Charges column of the return file? How is labour charge calculated?

7. Is it possible to generate local and interstate returns together?

8. What is the function of Action column available in the template?

9. Since it is a common template, how will the return files 231, 233 and CST be generated?

10. Can nil return be generated from Tally.ERP 9?

11. Do journal adjustment values get captured automatically from Tally.ERP 9?

12. Will all fields in the return be auto populated based on information exported from Tally.ERP 9?

13. What is the procedure of generating Maharashtra e-returns from Tally.ERP 9 in Release 5.4?

14. How to generate sales annexures?

15. How can I find Rate of Tax and Turnover Details in Triangulation Report?

16. How to generate returns if customer is dealing with multiple tax rates, more than the number of rows provided in the template?

17. Document listing transaction code for each nature of transaction.

18. How will sales to party without TIN and purchase against unregistered dealer be treated?

19. How to file revised return for previous financial year?


1. Why is the value of change in sales consideration recorded using a journal voucher not captured in Form VAT 231?

2. Why are the interest payment details not captured in the CST Form III(E) printout?

3. The alphabets ā€œVā€ and ā€œCā€ are considered for the party TIN in the data exported to Annexures J1 and J2. How to solve this issue?

4. Why does it take very long to export data to templates of Annexure J1 and J2?