Overriding Assessable Value and Tax in Invoice (West Bengal)

In case you want to alter the assessable value and tax rate in invoice, allow modification of tax details in F12: configure .

To override the assessable value and tax in an invoice

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F8: Sales .

2. Click I : Item Invoice to record the sale in the item invoice mode.

3. Press F12: Configure .

Set the option Use common ledger A/c for item allocation? to No .

Set the option Allow modification of Tax Details for VAT? to Yes .

4. Select the party ledger in Party's A/c Name option.

5. Enter Party Details , as required.

6. Select the required sales ledger.

7. Select the Name of Item from the List of Stock Items .

8. Enter the Quantity and Rate .

9. Select the sales ledger in Accounting Details screen.

10. Press F12: Configure in VAT Details screen and enable the following options:

Allow override Assessable Value?

Allow override Tax Rate?

11. Select the Classification / Nature in VAT Details screen.

12. Enter the required Tax Rate and Assessable Value . The VAT Details screen appears as shown below:

13. Accept the VAT Details screen, and Accounting Details screen.

14. Select the CST Ledger . The sales invoice appears as shown below:

15. Press Ctrl+A to accept.