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Creating Compound Unit of Measure

A Compound Unit is a relation between two Simple Units. Hence, before you create a Compound Unit, ensure that you have already created two Simple Units.

For example, To Create Compound unit – Doz (Dozen) of 12 Nos (Numbers), you have to create two simple units,  Doz (Dozen) and Nos (Numbers) and set the conversion factor as 12.

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Info > Units of Measure > Create. The Unit Creation screen is displayed as shown. Now Click on Type field or Press SHIFT + TAB or Press Backspace Key.

2. Select Compound from the Types of Units and press Enter. The Conversion field will be displayed for creating Compound unit.

3. Select the First unit from the Units List. In the above example, Dozen will be the First Unit.

4. Specify the Conversion Factor. In the above example, Conversion factor will be 12.

5. Specify the Second Unit from the Units List. In the above example, Number will be the Second Unit. This unit is also called Tail Unit.

6. Use CTRL + A or Accept the Screen for Saving of Compound Unit Creation.