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Features and Benefits (Excise for Dealer)

Dealer excise feature comes with many features and benefits.

The following unique features are provided for dealer excise:

Tax Unit is introduced to define godown details with the corresponding registration type, tariff, and duty head. Tax unit can be selected while recording transaction.

Facility is provided to define tariff rates and excise duty heads from,

o Excise Registration Details screen at the company level. It gets applied even at the transaction level.

o Account Group and Stock Group masters in addition to the information defined at the company level.

o Ledger and Stock Item masters in addition to the information defined at the group and company level.

Facility is provided to create,

o Excise Duty Classifications to define excise duty heads and method of calculation.

o Excise Classifications to define tariff details and duty heads, and select it in Account Group , Stock Group , Ledger and Stock Item .

Flexibility is provided to overwrite tariff and excise duty heads defined at company level, at the,

o Group level.

o Ledger or Stock Item level.

Facility provided to print excise sales, excise debit note and excise material out vouchers in Rule 11 invoice format.

Facility provided to record excise transactions just by marking the relevant vouchers as Excise (excise unit need not be linked to voucher type).

Values of Credit Note and Debit Note are considered in reports.

Facility is provided to record stock transfer using Material In and Material Out vouchers.

Facility is provided to generate Form 2 and RG 23D Register in the prescribed format.

Facility is provided to save, alter, recompute, save as revised return, overwrite, and export Form 2.

Return Transaction Book is introduced to display the Form 2 report which is saved. Each time, the transactions or masters are modified from Form 2 report and saved, the same gets captured in this report.

Benefits of Form 2 Report

Form 2 report is designed to provide an overview of the total vouchers recorded in a particular quarter, and the duty passed on by raising excise sales invoice for clearance in Rule 11 invoice format. Drill-down reports till the last level of voucher entry are provided for each line item of this report to display complete information of vouchers categorised under it. Some of the benefits of this report are as follows:

A prospective or existing user of Tally.ERP 9 can generate the returns by accurate triangulation of data at any given point in time.

Overview of this report provides information of total duty passed on during a particular quarter to the business owner.

Statistics of vouchers with the respective drill-down reports provide complete details of transactions which:

o Are included in generating Form 2.

o Are excluded from the return due to the nature of transaction or tax unit linked to it.

o Need user intervention to solve exceptions categorized as uncertain.

This ensures accuracy of transaction details.

The entire report, overview and all the drill-down reports, provides transaction details of accounts, inventory, excise duty – yet to be passed on and which has already been passed on, during a particular quarter, to the auditor.