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Viewing Status of Transactions Sent to Bank

The e-Payments report displays transactions which have already been sent to the bank, but are yet to be reconciled, under Transactions sent to bank (unreconciled) . You can check the status of the transactions and refresh the screen for the latest status.

To view the status of the transactions sent to bank (unreconciled)

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Banking > e-Payments .

2. Select the required bank column for the Transactions sent to bank (unreconciled) category.

3. Press Enter .

The e-Payments screen for that bank appears with the status of each of the transactions sent to the bank, as shown below:

4. Click F5: Refresh to view the updated status of the transactions.

Transactions can fall under one of the following categories:

o Submitted - When transactions are sent to the bank.

o Verifying - When transactions are under verification by the bank.

o Authorisation pending - When transactions have been accepted by the bank, and are available for authorization on the bank's portal.

o Authorised - When transactions are authorised on the bank's portal.

o Processed - When transactions are processed by the bank.

o Failed - When transactions failed due to incorrect sender A/c no., invalid IFS code, unregistered TSS ID with bank, and so on.

Note: The statuses listed above are applicable only for DBS bank currently. For other banks, the status will be Exported .

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