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Statistics of Vouchers (TCS)

This section displays the total number of transactions pertaining to a period which are categorised as Included , Excluded and Uncertain Transactions .

1. Total Number of Transactions : Drill-down on this item to view the Statistics report comprising of voucher types with the corresponding voucher count.  The total count of vouchers displayed for the Total Number of Transactions row is categorized as Included , Excluded and Uncertain Transactions with the voucher count against each of the categories.

2. Included Transactions : Displays all vouchers that have the requisite information in their corresponding masters and transactions to comply with the requirements for filing the returns. These vouchers will be a part of TCS forms as applicable.

3. Excluded Transactions : Displays the count of all vouchers which are not a part of returns. As TCS details are not provided in these transactions, there will be no implications on forms and annexures.

4. Uncertain Transactions : Displays the count of all vouchers with insufficient information. These vouchers contain TCS related information and are not included in the count of Included Transactions and Excluded Transactions .

The form report appears as shown below:

Total Number of Transactions

The statistics report displays the count of each voucher type used for recording transactions under Total Number of Transactions , Included Transactions , E xcluded Transactions , and U ncertain Transactions .

To display the statistics report

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports > TCS Reports > Form 27 EQ .

2. Select Total Number of Transactions .

3. Press Enter to view all transactions for the period.

4. Select any voucher type and press Enter to view the Voucher Monthly Register .

5. Select any month and press Enter to view Voucher Register .

6. Select the required voucher.

7. Press Enter to edit the voucher.