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Sales Returns Under GCC VAT

You can record sales returns against an earlier sales transaction using a credit note.

Record sales returns

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > Ctrl+F8 .

2. In Original invoice no. , enter the invoice number of the original sales transaction against which you are recording the current sales return and the Date .

3. In Party’s A/c Name , select the party to whom the original sales was made.

4. Select the return items and enter the returned quantity and press Enter. The Details of Original Invoice screen is displayed.

5. Enter the taxable amount and tax amount from the sales transaction against which the returns are recorded in the Original Taxable Amount and Original Tax Amount fields respectively.

6. Press Enter.

7. Select the VAT ledger.

8. Press Ctrl+A to accept.

Similarly, you can record sales returns against an intra-GCC sales transaction by selecting the relevant party, sales ledger, and VAT ledger.