Maintaining data and filing GST returns for multiple branches having a single GSTIN

A company with multiple branches having a single GSTIN within the state can maintain data, and file returns with ease through Tally.ERP 9.

For this, you need to

     Ensure different voucher types are maintained for each branch, to generate unique invoice numbers.

     Synchronise all the companies’ data to consolidate all the transactions to a single master company (to merge all the branch data).

     File GST returns from the consolidated data in master company.

If it is an offline environment, you can export your data from each branch and import it manually into the master company.

Note: If you have multiple branches in different states having different GSTINs for all the branches, you need to file GST returns branch-wise using different companies for each branch. You can create a group company for viewing the consolidated data across all branches for filing income-tax returns.

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