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Filing GSTR-3B and Making Payments

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Filing GSTR-3B

Making Payments

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Generating Form GSTR-3B

In Tally.ERP 9, you can generate your GSTR-3B data in the MS Word format and print it. Then you can directly copy the details from the MS Word file to the online GSTR-3B form, or use the printout to fill information manually.

Note: In Release 6.1.1, the value from transactions recorded for tax liability on advance receipt from customers and reverse on URD purchases will not be included in the GSTR-3B returns by default. If you want to report them in GSTR-3B, enable the options Enable tax liability on advance receipts and Enable tax liability on reverse charge (Purchase from unregistered dealer) in the Company GST Details screen.

Filing GSTR-3B

To file GSTR-3B returns

1.    Log in to the GST portal.

2.    Go to Services > Returns > Returns Dashboard.

3.    Select the Return Filing Period, and click Search. Now GSTR1, GSTR2A, and GSTR-3B will appear.

4.    Under Monthly Return GSTR-3B, click Prepare Online.

5.    Select the required section.

6.    Enter the necessary details. You can either copy GSTR-3B details generated from Tally.ERP 9 in the MS Word format, or you can manually fill the details by referring to the printout.

7.    Click Confirm.

8.    Verify the details, and click Submit. To file your GSTR-3B returns, you have to make payments towards GSTR-3B.

Note: Once you click the Submit button, GSTR-3B cannot be revised.

Making Payments towards GSTR-3B

After successfully filing GSTR-3B, you can easily make payments to GST by creating a challan.

If the above example is taken, GST payable is as shown below:

To make payments towards GSTR-3B

1.    Log in to the GST portal.

2.    Go to Services > Payments > Create Challan.

3.    Under Tax Liability, enter the required values.

4.    Under Payment Modes, select the required method of payment. If you have chosen NEFT/RTGS as the mode of payment, you also have to select your preferred Remitting Bank.


The Beneficiary Details appear according to the Remitting Bank selected.

6.    Click DOWNLOAD to generate the challan. Using this challan, you can make the payment through net banking or cash/cheque payment in the bank. When you complete the payment, money gets transferred to your e-Cash ledger.

Note: If the tax amount is less than Rs. 10,000 you can make cash payment in the bank with the challan.

7.    Log in to the GST portal and make the tax payment.

8.    After the payment, submit your GSTR-3B returns. This completes your GSTR-3B filing.