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Connecting Server Company to Tally.NET Server for Synchronisation

You need to connect the company data on the server system to the the Tally.NET server for synchronisation.

To connect the server company to Tally.NET Server

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > F4: Connect Cmp or press F4 .

2. Select the company to be connected for synchronisation using Tally.NET Server from the List of Companies in the Connect Companies to Tally.NET screen, as shown below:

Note: The Connect Companies to Tally.NET screen does not appear when there is a single company to be connected. The company directly connects to Tally.NET server when you click F4: Connect Cmp or press F4 .

3. Press Enter to connect the company to Tally.NET Server.

On successfully connecting to Tally.NET Server, the c onnection status is displayed in the C alculator panel.