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Inter Bank Transactions (India)

The Inter Bank Transactions report provides the details of all transactions carried out between the banks during the Audit Year.

To view the Inter Bank Transactions report

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Audit & Compliance > Audit & Analysis > Other Analysis > Inter Bank Transactions .

The above report displays the details of Inter Bank transactions along with Voucher Type, Voucher Number, Debit & Credit balances, Instrument Date, Bank Date, Number of Days delayed, Verification Status and Verification Note.

Note: The No. of Days Delayed will be displayed based on the Date of Instrument and the date on which it was cleared (Bank Date).

If the Bank Date is not mentioned the last day of the financial period will be considered as Bank Date for calculating No. of Days delayed. For example, if the last day of the financial year is 31st Dec. then this date will be considered.

Button options in Inter Bank Transactions report

F1 : Condensed

Click F1 : Condensed or press Alt+F1 to view the condensed Inter Bank transactions report.

F2: Period

Click F2 : Period or press F2 to change the selected period.

F5: Reconcile

Click F5 : Reconcile or press F5 to reconcile the inter bank transactions by specify the Bank Date if the vouchers are not reconciled. Reconciliation screen will be displayed based on the ledger on which the Cursor is placed.

F8: Show Ledger

Click F8 : Show Ledger or press F8 to display the default Ledger Vouchers report for the selected Party along with the details of the Opening Balance , Current Total and Closing Balance .

F9 : Audit

Click F9 : Audit or press Alt+F9 to audit the selected Vouchers.

Note: The F9 : Audit button will be highlighted when one or more Vouchers are selected for auditing using Spacebar .

Ctrl+F10: Remove Audit

Click Ctrl+F10 : Remove Audit or press Ctrl+F10 to change the Audit Status for the selected Vouchers as Unaudited (blank).

S : Set Manual Sampling

Click S : Set Manual Sampling or press Alt+S to mark the selected Vouchers (using spacebar) as sampled. The manual sampling method will get applied to all such Vouchers and they will appear under the sampled column on the dashboard.

D : Delete Manual Sampling

Click D : Delete Manual Sampling or press Alt+D to delete the Manual sampling method already applied for the selected Vouchers (using the spacebar).

W : Working Note

Click W : Working Note or press Alt+W to specify the working note details at Company or Group or Ledger or Voucher level. The details provided in working note will be captured in Audit Working Paper along with the details of User Name , Working Note Date and Time , Status , Note and so on.

F9: Inv Reports

Click on F9 : Inv Reports or press F9 to navigate to the default Inventory Reports.

F10: Acc Reports

Click F10 : Acc Reports or press F10 to navigate to the default Accounting Reports.

F10 : Audit Reports

Click F10 : Audit Reports or press Alt+F10 to navigate to the other Audit Reports within Statutory Audit .

F12: Configure

Click F12 : Configure or press F12 to change the default view for the above report.

Show Narrations also : Set this option to Yes to display the Narration entered by the Client during the Voucher entry.

Show Received From (Cash) : Set this option to Yes to display the name of the party from whom the fund is transferred.

Show Transaction Type : Set this option to Yes to display the Transaction Type - Inter Bank Transfer, Cheque deposit etc selected during voucher entry.

Show Instrument No : Set this option to Yes to display the Instrument Number entered during Voucher entry/reconciliation.

Show Branch Details : Set this option to Yes to display the Branch details entered during the voucher entry.

Show Audit Status : Set this option to Yes to view the Vouchers along with their respective Audit Status (On Hold/Audited/Internal Observation/External Observation)

Show Audit Note : Set this option to Yes to display the Audit Note as entered by the Auditor during the Audit. This option is set to Yes by default.

Show Client's Clarification : Set this option to Yes to view the Clarification provided by the client for Vouchers that have been marked for Internal. Observation/External Clarification

Show Date and Time : Set this option to Yes to view the date on which, and time at which, clarification was provided for the listed Vouchers.

Show Audited By : Set this option to Yes to view the person who has performed auditing on the Vouchers.

Show Clarification from : Set this option to Yes to view the user who has provided clarification, if any, for the Vouchers.

Show Vouchers of Audit Status : Select an Audit Status and the Vouchers that have been marked with the chosen Audit Status will be filtered and displayed.

Appearance of Name : Select the required Display Name for the Ledgers from the list of Display Name Style.

Include Exceptional Vouchers : Set this option to Yes to include Vouchers marked as Optional in this report.

Sorting Method : Select the required sorting method -Alphabetical, Amount-wise or No of Days Delayed, for the transactions from the list of Sorting Methods.

F12 : Range

Click F12 : Range or press Alt+F12 to use the Range Filter option to search the specific Vouchers from the list of Vouchers under each Voucher Type.

Ctrl+F12: Value

Click Ctrl+F12 or press Ctrl+F12 to filter the Vouchers and calculate the balances as per the specified conditions.