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How to Print Cheques?

Cheque printing dimensions can be configured from the bank ledger either using pre-defined formats or manually entering the cheque dimensions. After configuring the cheque dimensions, the cheques can be printed. Record a payment or contra transaction selecting the bank account ledger enabled with cheque printing configurations to print cheques in the required format.

To print the cheque

1. Go to Gateway of Tally > Voucher Entry > F5: Payment .

2. Debit the Party Ledger.

3. Enter the Amount and give the bill reference details, if any.

4. Credit the Bank Account for which the cheque printing is enabled.

5. Enter the Amount .

6. Press Enter . The Bank Allocations screen appears.

7. Enter the cheque number in the field Instrument Number .

8. Enter the Instrument Date . The voucher date is displayed by default.

9. Modify the field Cross Instrument Using if required. A/c Payee is displayed by default.

The Bank Allocation screen appears as shown below:

10. Press Enter .

11. Enter Narration .

12. Press Enter to save the payment transaction. The Cheque Printing screen appears as shown below:

13. Press Enter to print.

Note: Click S:Select Printer to select the printer and define the paper size. For information on setting the orientation and dimensions for overall adjustment click here

The cheque print preview appears as shown:

Note: Cheque Printing feature is available only from the Payment and Contra vouchers.