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Cost Categories

Cost categories are useful for organisations that require allocation of revenue and non-revenue items to parallel sets of cost centres. Cost categories facilitate third-dimensional reporting of expenditure and revenue. For example, region-wise or geography-wise, Grade-wise, Department-wise, cost categories.

Using cost categories you can allocate, in parallel, a transaction to more than one set of cost centres.

For example,

Cost Centres such as Marketing, Finance and Manufacturing can now belong to a category - Departments.

The Salesmen A, B, and C can be Cost Centres under a Category - Executives.

Similarly, you can create a new Cost Category Projects under which Cost Centres such as airport construction, road construction and buildings may be created. The classification appears as following:

Cost Categories




Cost Centres


Salesman A

Airport Construction


Salesman B

Road Construction


Salesman C


You can specify a Cost Category to allow allocation of only revenue items or items of both revenue and capital (Non-Revenue) nature.

By allocating expenses to parallel Cost Centres under different categories, you are simply assigning the amounts to them; the amount does not increase. Tally.ERP 9 performs an automatic reconciliation on real-time basis, saving you the effort of reconciling Ledgers and Cost Centres.

Note: Transactions are not allocated to Cost Categories but to Cost Centres only.

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