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Using Different Actual and Billed Quantities

Sometimes, the goods purchased or sold may have difference in the Actual and the Billed quantities due to the following reasons:

Free scheme

Rejected by the customer for defective quality

Rounding off of the billing quantity (for e.g., in Textile industries, Cloth measuring 150.50 mtrs is actually delivered but bill is made for 150 mtrs)

Recording of Actual Quanties and the Billed Quanties are essential to get the accurate stock values and sale/purchase value i.e., the Books of Accounts should be updated with the Billed quantities and Stocks has to be updated only with the Actual Quantities. Tally.ERP 9 allows you to record both these in different fields i.e., Billed and Actual Quantity separately in the same invoice.

Note: The Actual Quantity updates stock and the Billed Quantity affects the accounts and thus shows the correct position of both Accounts as well as Inventory.

Set the option Use separate actual and billed quantity columns to Yes in F11: Features > F2:Inventory Features .

Purchase or Sales vouchers with Actual and Billed quantity will appear as shown.

In the screen shown above, there are two columns under Quantity :



Once when quantities are entered under Actual and Billed, stocks will be reduced to the extent of Actual quantities only.

For example, a company gives 2 items free as a sample to the customer, when 10 items are purchased. Then under Actual qty column 10 numbers will be entered and under Billed quantity 8 numbers will be entered. In the stock summary 10 numbers will be shown under Outwards .