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TallyPrime Release 2.0 is available now!

Printing a POS Invoice

POS invoices can be printed with custom titles, and messages. POS invoices can be configured to print batch wise details, actual and billed quantities if required.

To Print a POS Invoice

1. Click P : Print , in the POS Accounting Voucher Creation/Alteration screen.

2. Click S : Select Printer .

3. Select the Printer from the List of Printers .

4. Click F : Print Forma t.

5. Select the Print  Format .

Note: In the Neat Mode format the print preview of the POS invoice can be displayed but in the Quick/Draft mode the invoice can't be previewed.

The POS Invoice in preview mode appears as shown below:

Print Configurations in POS Invoice

To configure POS invoice

1. Click F12: Configure f rom Gateway of Tally , .

2. Click Printing .

3. Click Sales Transactions .

4. Click POS Invoice .

The POS Invoice Printing Configuration screen appears as shown below:

5. Enable options, as required.

To know more about the POS printing configurations, refer POS Invoice .