Activate GST for Your Company

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To use Tally.ERP 9 for GST compliance, you need to activate the GST feature. Once activated, GST-related features are available in ledgers, stock items, and transactions, and GST returns can be generated.

Activate GST

1. Open the company for which you need to activate GST.

2. Press F11 > F3 .

3. Enable Goods and Services Tax (GST) - Yes .

4. Set/alter GST details - Yes .

5. The GST Details screen is shown, with the

State you have selected for your company. Helps in identifying local and interstate transactions. If you change the state, it will be updated in the company details.

Select the Registration Type as Regular or Composition .

Set GST details for regular dealers

1. Set the option Assessee of Other Territory to Yes if your business unit in located in the Exclusive Economic Zone (other territory).

2. Select the Periodicity of GSTR-1 as Monthly or Quarterly , based on your business turnover.

3. Specify the GSTIN/UIN for the business. This can be printed in the invoices as required. You can specify this later.

4. Specify Applicable from date. GST will be applicable for your transactions from this date onwards.

5. Set the option Enable tax liability on advance receipts to Yes to activate calculation of tax liability on advance receipts. This options is disabled by default. (Applicable from Release 6.1.1 )

6. Set the option Enable tax liability on reverse charge (Purchase from unregistered dealer) to Yes to activate calculation of tax liability for reverse charge on URD purchases. This option is disabled by default. (Applicable from Release 6.1.1 )

7. Press Enter to save.

Set GST details for composition dealers

1. The option Tax rate for taxable turnover , applicable from 1st July 2017 appears as 1% . This rate is applied on your total sales turnover for calculating tax liability in GSTR-4 .

Note: The applicability date of GST regular will be retained on changing it to composition. You can change the date as required.

2. Set the option Enable tax rate for purchase (Includes purchases under reverse charge) to:

Yes , to enter the GST rate in the ledgers and stock items for calculating GST in transactions.

No , to specify the GST rates in each transaction for calculating GST.

3. Press Enter to save.

You can record transactions using the ledgers with GST details, and print invoices with GSTIN.