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Configuring Receipts and Payments Account

You can configure options for displaying the Receipt and Payments account in the required format.

To configure Receipts & Payments account

1. Press F12: Configure.

2. Set the option Show Vertical Receipts & Payments? to Yes to display Receipts & Payments account in the v ertical form, as shown below:

The vertical form of Receipts and Payments shows the r eceipts and the payments separately.

3. Set the option Show Nett Opening & Closing Balance only? to No to display the o pening and closing balances of Cash/Bank Accounts on both sides (default), depending upon the credit and debit balances.

The Receipts and Payments accounts screen with the option Show Nett Opening & Closing Balance only set to No , appears as shown below:

Note: This option can be set only for h orizontal Receipts & Payments account.

4. Set the option Show Nett balance for Ledgers? to Yes to display the nett balance for ledgers, as shown below:

5. Select the required display style with the option Appearance of Names from the list to view the statement based on the selection made. The default Display Name Style set is Name .

6. Select the required scale factor with the option Scale Factor for Values to view the report with different scale factors.

7. Set the option Expand All Levels in Detailed Format? to Yes to view the report with sub-groups expanded.