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File TCS Returns

TCS returns ( Form 27EQ ) is saved in flash drive/CD and submitted along with Form 27A , which, is created by the file validation utility tool after validating the 27EQ returns text file. The file validation utility tool can be downloaded from the tax information network ( www.tin-nsdl.com ) website of the income tax department.

If your company data has TCS sales with non-resident collectee type:

1. Export Form 27EQ from Tally.ERP 9.

2. Open the exported tally.txt file.

3. In the line "DD", field numbers 31 and 32, enter the value as "N" or "Y" as applicable, as it is a mandatory information.

Note: The error T-FV-4351 Invalid value. Allowed values are Y or N (in capital). will appear, if field numbers 31 and 32 are blank.

4. Save the tally.txt file, and validate it.

To validate the file and submit returns

1. Open the file validation utility tool.

2. Browse and select the 27EQ returns .txt file exported from Tally.ERP 9 in the field TDS/TCS Input File Name with Path .

3. Browse and select the challan status inquiry .csi file downloaded from TIN website in the field Challan Input File Name with Path .

4. Enter the location to save the validation error file in the field Error/Upload & Statistics Report File Path .

5. Click Validate .

6. Click OK to close the messages displayed after validation.

7. Print the Form 27A created by the validation tool.

8. Submit the Form 27A and 27EQ returns .txt file (soft copy) at TIN-FC or upload on NSDL website.

Note: In case the validation is not successful, results are updated in the error report file. Rectify these errors in the data and re-generate the 27EQ returns text file for validation.