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Release Notes for Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.4.6 - India

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Release 6.4.6 brings in certain enhancements in the product to reflect changes mandated by GSTN and NIC. You can find the details below:

Support for latest GSTR-4 offline tool : Tally.ERP 9 now supports the latest offline tool, Version 2.3, for GSTR-4 .

e-Way Bill enhancements

o Tally.ERP 9 now supports the latest e-Way Bill and Consolidated e-Way Bill JSON Preparation Tools, Ver. 1.0.0618.

o In case your state has different threshold limits for intrastate and interstate e-Way Bills, you can now manage both the threshold limits in Tally.ERP 9.

Addition of new validation and alert messages

o We have introduced GSTIN validation for UN Bodies and Embassy as well as Government departments.

o To bring in higher accuracy, we have introduced new validations and improved alert messages.

Product Improvements

GST Masters

GST Transactions

GST Reports

Accounting and Inventory Vouchers

Accounting and Inventory Reports

Data Management

GST Masters

In a GST composition company, the GSTIN/UIN entered in the party ledger predefined as Regular dealer, did not appear in the Ledger Contact Details screen of Ledger Vouchers . This issue is resolved.

GST Transactions

The GST Registration type was captured as Regular , for the transactions recorded by setting the option Enable supplementary details? to No . This issue is resolved.

When an invoice was printed in Dot Matrix Format , only 9 characters of the e-Way Bill were printed. This issue is resolved.

The GSTIN of the company was not printed in the sales invoice on selecting the secondary address and printing from remote user login. This issue is resolved.

Now while entering e-Way Bill details, you can enter the UIN for consignee. If incorrect UIN is entered, the relevant warning message will appear.

There was a mismatch in the quantity captured in JSON file generated from an invoice and Export for e-Way Bill report, if a compound unit of measure was used. This issue is resolved.

The column Taxable Value , appeared in a printed GST invoice even after disabling the option Print Item Taxable Value? in Invoice Print Configuration screen. This issue is resolved.

The GSTIN of the company and tax analysis were not printed in the POS invoice, on printing from remote user login. Also, the name of stock item was not aligned as per the invoice generated from server machine. This issue is resolved.

While saving the delivery note recorded with e-Way Bill details, the warning message Verify Consignee GSTIN No. appeared. This occurred when, the Party A/c Name was of a foreign country as the GSTIN was not captured as URP . This issue is resolved.

The e-Way Bill number did not appear on the additional copies of the printed invoices, when the Number of Copies were 3 and the Type of Copy was set to All . This issue is resolved.

While printing the credit note, the invoice title will now appear based on the Taxability of the stock items or ledgers as:

o Tax Invoice for taxable transactions.

o Bill of Supply for exempt or nil rated transactions.

o Invoice-cum-Bill of Supply for exempt/nil rated with taxable transactions.

The trade discount did not appear in the Tax Analysis screen of the sales invoice viewed as a remote user. This issue is resolved.

Now you can choose to view sales or delivery note or both in the e-Way Bill report.

If the alphabet S was entered as the 14th digit of GSTIN/UIN, the error Invalid GSTIN did not appear. This issue is resolved.

The tax analysis section did not appear in the debit or credit note printed from Multi Voucher Printing menu of Multi Account Printing . This issue is resolved.

The latest e-Way Bill template is supported for exporting e-Way Bill details to MS Excel template, and generating JSON file from Tally.ERP 9. As per the latest changes supported for e-Way Bill, you can now:

o Enter vehicle number of up to 15 characters.

o Enter distance of up to 4,000 kms in the invoice.

The latest template for consolidated e-Way Bill is supported. You can now enter e-Way Bill number of less than 12 digits.

In the alteration mode of sales invoice, if the Rate (Incl. of Tax) was changed for a nil rated or exempt stock item having godown details, the same was not retained. This issue is resolved.

On uploading the JSON file generated from Tally.ERP 9 to GST portal, the option Supply attract Reverse Charge was not ticked for reverse charge transactions. This occurred when reverse charge transactions were recorded without inventory. This issue is resolved.

While recording purchases from unregistered dealer using common purchase ledger, the cursor skipped the option Is reverse charge applicable? in the GST Classification Details screen. This issue is resolved.

While creating a sales invoice, the Rate and tax values did not re-calculate as per the modified Rate (Incl. of Tax) in the Stock Item Allocation screen. This occurred when godown or batch details were selected for the stock item. This issue is resolved.

Now you can specify the e-Way Bill threshold limit for intrastate movement of goods, while enabling e-Way Bill for the company.

The Nil Rated Invoices table of GSTR-1 did not appear in the CSV file generated from Tally.ERP 9. This issue is resolved.

While entering the e-Way Bill details for an invoice, you can now select Other Territory under Consignor Details (From) and Consignee Details (To) sections.

Fixed an issue where the error e-Way Bill No. should be 12 digits appeared on entering less than 12 numbers for e-Way Bill in the invoice. This issue is resolved.

Now you can quickly save the altered purchase voucher in a company enabled for GST composition.

While recording an invoice, if the party's secondary address was selected in the Party Details screen, incorrect pincode appeared in the e-Way Bill Details screen. This issue is resolved.

GST Reports

The error Invalid SGST/CGST/IGST/Cess rate appeared while uploading the JSON file of e-Way Bill. This occurred when the cess on quantity defined for the stock item was more than Rs. 100 per unit. This issue is resolved.

An additional line with 0% tax rate and Rs. 0.00 tax amount appeared in the MS Excel, CSV or JSON file of GSTR-1 generated from Tally.ERP 9. This occurred for:

o Transactions recorded without stock items.

o Sales recorded in item invoice mode with additional ledger enabled for GST.

This issue is resolved.

You can now identify the following errors while recording the transactions and correct them as well:

o Selection of interstate and intrastate natures of transactions in the same voucher.

o Interstate purchases from composition dealers.

o Interstate sales to composition dealers.

o Same GSTIN/UIN entered for company and party ledger.

o Mismatch in party's country and nature of transaction.

o Mismatch in place of supply and nature of transaction.

In GSTR-3B , the payment and journal vouchers recorded for taxable expenses appeared under Incomplete/Mismatch in information (to be resolved) . It occurred when, only the tax rates were defined in the ledgers, and the voucher was recorded without selecting the Nature of Transaction . This issue is resolved.

In GSTR-1 , the Invoice Amount of B2C Small Invoices displayed only the amount entered for cash ledger, even when the receipt voucher was recorded with cash and bank ledgers. This issue is resolved.

Cancelled vouchers appeared in the Document Summary of GSTR-1 . This issue is resolved.

Accounting and Inventory Vouchers

When the sales invoice was exported in PDF or JPEG formats, or emailed, the columns were not aligned correctly. This issue is resolved.

After saving a sales invoice recorded using voucher class inclusive of additional ledgers, if the Rate or Amount was altered, the values of sales and other ledgers were not re-calculated. This issue is resolved.

While creating a voucher, the cheque number captured from cheque range was retained in the Bank Allocation screen, even if the transfer type was changed from cheque to any other type. This issue is resolved.

In the voucher alteration screen, if the purchase order number was altered and the voucher was printed, the original order number appeared in the printout. This issue is resolved.

When the material out voucher was printed from Multi Voucher Printing menu, the Nature of Processing was not printed. This issue is resolved.

The fields Checked by and Verified by did not appear in the printed attendance voucher. This issue is resolved.

When a sales order was recorded after sale, the stock items added newly to the sales order did not appear on tracking the order number in subsequent sales. This issue is resolved.

All the pending sales orders were not closed on clicking Ctrl+C in the Sales Order Outstandings report. This occurred when the order due date was in days, and the party name was changed in the sale voucher. This issue is resolved.

Accounting and Inventory Reports

On printing or exporting the Item Register , the Rate per unit of Opening Balance appeared incorrectly. This issue is resolved.

In the sales Ledger Vouchers report, name of the additional ledger having negative value appeared for POS invoices recorded using voucher class. This issue is resolved.

Data Management

Fixed an issue where the error message Ledger does not exist appeared while splitting the data.