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Release Notes for Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.4.7 - India

Always upgrade to the latest release of Tally.ERP 9 to enjoy greater business benefits. Move to the latest release using the easy in-product update facility.


Enhanced GSTIN validation - Earlier for few taxpayer types, GSTIN validation was failing in Tally.ERP 9. Now, with this new Release, GSTIN will get validated for all taxpayer types

Option to avail Input Credit under Reverse Charge in current or future period

o If your business needs to avail input credit using reverse charge mechanism, you will find it delightfully useful and flexible to take credit on reverse charges in current or future periods

o If you wish to keep track of total liability towards reverse charges or input credit availed, you can easily do so now with the new report, Input Credit to be booked .

Product Improvements

GST Masters

GST Transactions

GST Reports

Accounting and Inventory Vouchers

Accounting and Inventory Reports

GST Masters

In the ledger, an error Invalid GSTIN/UIN appeared on entering the GSTIN/UIN for few Regular tax payers, and the transactions appeared as exceptions in GSTR-1 , which could not be resolved. This issue is resolved, and you can also include the vouchers captured with GSTIN/UIN exceptions in the returns.

GST Transactions

Now you can print credit and debit notes with MRP column, by enabling the following options in the print configuration screen of:

o Invoice mode - Print MRP/Marginal Column? .

o Voucher mode - Print Inventory details? and Print MRP/Marginal Column? .

The error Verify Vehicle Number appeared while saving an invoice, if temporary registration number was entered in the Vehicle Number field of e-Way Bill Details screen. This issue is resolved

In the purchase invoice of a company enabled to maintain only accounts, if the nature of transaction was changed to Imports Taxable in the invoice, the option Provide GST details? did not appear. This occurred when the purchase ledger selected in the invoice was linked to a GST classification having nature of transaction. This issue is resolved.

Now you can export the MRP values to the pivot table of Sales Register to the MRP/Marginal column, which was earlier named as Item MRP column.

While creating a sales voucher by marking it as Optional , if the date was changes, the voucher turned to Regular . This issue is resolved.

While recording a voucher, if the voucher date was changed:

o After entering the Narration , the narration was not retained

o From any field, the cursor moved to the first field of the voucher

These issues are resolved.

While recording a voucher, if the date was changed the cursor moved to the voucher number. This occurred when the voucher was defined with manual voucher numbering, and configured to Skip date field during creation for faster entry . This issue is resolved.

While recording sales, the Place of Supply did not change when the State name was changed in Party Details . This issue is resolved.

While entering the e-Way Bill Details in a cash sales invoice, the cursor skipped the Pincode field of Consignee Details (To) section. This occurred when a party ledger was selected in the Party Details screen of the cash sales invoice. This issue is resolved.

Based on the Type of Supply , the column title of the printed invoice will now appear as:

o Description of Goods in one line.

o Description of Services or Description of Goods and Services in two lines.

If a sales invoice was configured to Print item-wise GST details? , and then a POS invoice was printed, there was an increase in the width of the printed POS invoice. This issue is resolved.

An error appeared in the Calculator panel in the alteration mode of purchase invoice, when the invoice had stock items enabled to Consider additional expense/income for slab rate calculation . This issue is resolved.

In the print preview of sales invoice, the GST analysis of items showed incorrect amount, if tax rate was defined in the GST ledgers. This issue is resolved.

GST Reports

When the decimal places defined for the company was 2 and the unit of measurement was 3, the vouchers recorded with stock items configured to calculate cess on quantity, and cess on value and quantity, appeared as exceptions in GSTR-1 . This issue is resolved.

The sales to composition dealer recorded in voucher mode, appeared under Supplies made to Composite Taxable Person of GSTR-3B report, but was not captured in the MS Excel template. This issue is resolved.

An error The filename is invalid appeared, while uploading the JSON file of consolidated e-Way Bill generated from Tally.ERP 9. This issue is resolved.

The decimals of tax values exported to MS Excel template did not match with that of the GSTR-4 report. This occurred when the decimal values were set to 2 in the company creation/alteration screen. This issue is resolved.

The special characters allowed by NIC for e-Way Bill, can now be exported to JSON and MS Excel files generated for e-Way Bill.

The F12 : Filter button is now removed from the Included Vouchers report of HSN/SAC Summary as this provision is available on the main screen of HSN/SAC Summary report.

On exporting e-Way Bill details to MS Excel or JSON formats, integrated tax appeared, if Sales to SEZ - LUT/Bond was selected as the nature of transaction in the invoice. This issue is resolved.

Now you can record journal voucher to claim tax credit on the reverse charge transactions, in the same or subsequent tax periods. The values will appear under Input Credit to be Booked report of GSTR-3B .

In GSTR-3B , when the invoices under mismatch in information were accepted as is, the tax amount increased by 0.01 paise. This occurred when multiple expense ledgers were debited while booking expenses. This issue is resolved.

An error appeared while uploading the JSON file of e-Way Bill generated from Tally.ERP 9, if Lines Sales was selected as the Sub Type in the e-Way Bill Details screen of the invoice. This issue is resolved.

Accounting and Inventory Vouchers

In the Item Allocation screen of an invoice, if the unit of measurement was changed from base unit to alternate unit, the changed unit did not appear on the invoice creation screen. This occurred when the invoice was enabled to Allow entry of rate inclusive of tax for stock item . This issue is resolved.

Now you can print a formal receipt voucher with or without narration by configuring the option Print narration? to Yes / No under Formal Receipt Printing Configuration screen. For other receipts, you can configure the options Print narration? and Print narration for each entry? as required, under the Receipt Printing Configuration .

The columns of printed invoices were aligned incorrectly when configured to print the godown name and address, without the rate and/or amount. This issue is resolved.

After recording a sales or POS invoice using voucher class inclusive of additional ledgers, if an invoice added or inserted in Day Book , the voucher class details did not appear. This issue is resolved.

In an invoice, the auto calculated amount did not change as per the Rounding Method defined in the ledger. This occurred when, a ledger enabled for round-off was selected, and then replaced with a ledger disabled for round-off, and vice-versa. This issue is resolved.

While recording a sales invoice, if a new stock item was created (using Alt+C ), the cursor moved back to the Reference field. This issue is resolved.

While recording a POS invoice, the buyer's address details did not change on selecting a different address type. This issue is resolved.

In a sales invoice, if the second tracking number of a delivery note was selected, the item details did not appear. This occurred when the same stock item had multiple batch details with different tracking numbers. This issue is resolved.

The error Memory Access Violation appeared while re-accepting a physical stock voucher. This issue will be resolved if you rewrite the data.

Accounting and Inventory Reports

You can now print GSTIN/UIN of the company and party in the Confirmation of Accounts report.

The Default title to print defined in the voucher type masters of debit note, credit note, and delivery note, did not appear while printing the vouchers from Multi Voucher Printing menu. This issue is resolved.

In the columnar report of Ledger Vouchers , the forex details did not appear even when the option Show forex details also? was enabled in the configuration screen. This issue is resolved.

The column names of Ledger Vouchers columnar report are changed for ease of use. Also, the voucher reference date appears for journal, debit note, credit note and payment vouchers.

If the row Less: Transferred was blank in the first column of the columnar Balance Sheet , the row did not appear for any of the columns, in the printed and exported files. This issue is resolved.

In the Item Register printed for Group of Items from Multi Account Printing menu, the Consumption values were incorrect. This occurred when the option Start fresh page for each Account? was disabled while printing. This issue is resolved.