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This page provides all the FAQ related to VAT feature in general.

General FAQ

1. What is VAT?

2. What is the hierarchy followed for picking tax details in VAT?

3. How do I define tax at company level?

4. How do I define tax at group level?

5. How do I define a common VAT rate to all the stock items that are categorised under the same group?

6. How do I change or revise the VAT rate?

7. Although different commodity codes are defined for each stock item, why is the same commodity code displayed in VAT annexures?

8. How to fix the wrong VAT or CST value calculation and wrong display of excise value in Tax Analysis report?

9. How to calculate VAT on item rate?

10. How to specify VAT details of the party when recording a cash sale?

11. How do I define VAT details in purchase and sales ledgers?

12. How do I specify VAT details in party ledgers?

13. How do I create CST ledgers?

14. How do I view the history of VAT rates defined?

15. How to record interstate transactions against Form H and I?

16. Is it required to record adjustment entry to adjust output VAT with input VAT amount from release 5.0 onwards?

17. Under VAT annexures the commodity code & commodity name captured for all the items is same, whereas multiple commodity names and codes are configured in item masters.

18. Why does the PAN number not appear in the printed invoice?

19. How to view the declaration receivable and payable forms in 5.x?

20. VAT payable amount is not pre-filled while recording stat payment transaction, why?

21. How do I define state-wise MRP?

22. When VAT is not calculated on MRP, how do I display the MRP on an invoice?

23. Cursor is not moving against "IS against C form?" field in Party Details, if the option Sales/purchase against Form C? is enabled in the party master, why?

24. Is there an option to enable Is Against Form C? apart from Supplementary Details or Party Details screen?

25. In a VAT Return Form, what are Included Transactions , Excluded Transactions , and Uncertain transactions ?

26. Are the tax payment transactions included in Total number of transactions shown in VAT computation?

27. How to adjust for difference in VAT amount from VAT triangulation report?

28. How to resolve the exception Conflict in party’s country/state in master and transaction in VAT the return form?

29. How to Include/Add Specific Additional ledger values?

30. What is restrictive tax invoice?

31. What happens when state name is not selected in ledger masters of data being migrated from 4.93 to 5.x?

32. When common sales and purchase ledgers are used in the invoice, can I select the nature of transaction and override the tax rate and assessable value?

33. How to override the tax classification details for deemed export and branch transfer outward?

34. How to configure tax rates after migrating VAT data?

35. The period displayed in Payment Details section of VAT returns report is different from the reporting period. Why?

36. How to capture the post-dated tax payment transactions in VAT/CST triangulation reports?

37. How to file VAT returns?

Release 5.4

1. How to generate Annexures from triangulation report?

2. What are the enhancements in triangulation experience in release 5.4?

3. How to resolve Incomplete/mismatch in information transactions from Release 5.4?

4. How to resolve ledger exceptions from Incomplete/mismatch in information transactions?

5. What is the function of button View Accepted as is ?

6. How to generate annual returns?

7. How to save unsaved quarterly returns from Annual return screen?

8. How to generate annual returns when the books beginning date is after the financial year beginning date?

9. Are annual returns for Bihar and Gujarat available in Release 4.93?

10. Is it required to save monthly/quarterly returns to generate Annual Returns?

Release 5.4.8

1. How do I copy default accounting details from one stock item to another stock item/group?

2. What is the difference between Alt+E: Export and Ctrl+E: Export buttons provided in statutory return and annexure reports?