This topic lists the important FAQ on TDL.

1. How do I invoke SQL Procedure from Tally?

2. Is it possible to print QR Code directly from Tally?

3. How do I publish help file for Context Sensitive Help?

4. How do I avoid the scrolling of lines in both vertical parts?

5. W hat are Sys Names?

6. Is it possible to check whether directory path is valid or not?

7. Is it possible to create a new folder in Windows using TDL?

8. Is it possible to delete the file contents from a text file using TDL?

9. What is the use of the object Summary Transactions ?

10. While trying to compare the changes in Default TDL with the customised TDL, getting an error as .ddif file not found , what is the reason?

11. How do I identify multiple instances of Tally.ERP 9 is running on same port?

12. How do I identify whether the expression in TDL has been evaluated successfully or not?

13. Is it possible to modify the InventoryEntriesIn values when voucher class Class for Inter Godown Transfers has been used in Stock Journal Voucher ?

14. Is it possible to format the Excel cell properties while writing to Ms-Excel File using I/O approach?

15. How do we print customised invoice when the voucher is opened in display mode?