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Using Schema Browser

Schema browser displays the structure of Tally Database in a tree-like view. It displays all the object types available and their methods and collections. The objects are indicated with , Methods with and Collections with icons.

Whenever a primary object or the same object is displayed in the hierarchy, then it is not expanded further.

The following figure shows that, in the hierarchy of the Order object , Voucher object is displayed. Voucher object is a primary object, so it is not expanded further.

The following figure shows that,  in the hierarchy of the Inventory Entry object, same object is displayed. Inventory Entry object under Inventory Allocation collection is not expanded further.

Using Property Window

The Property window displays details like SDF ID, Alias and the object type when the object name is selected.

If a collection is selected in the Schema browser window, then the Property window displays only Object Name.

If a method name is selected, then the displayed details are the data type accepted by that method and whether it is a repeated method or not.