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What’s New in Release 5.3.8

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Action - Format Excel Sheet

As we are aware, File Input/Output capability is used to support read/write operations in an Excel or Text file.

Currently, if we write any value to an excel file using File I/O approach, the appropriate column has to be adjusted manually based on the cell width after completion of the task. Now, a new capability is introduced to update the Cell Properties, Width and Text Wrap.

These properties can be set in TDL using the action, Format Excel Sheet.

Action – Format Excel Sheet

Action Format Excel Sheet is used to set the cell properties of Excel sheet. It accepts two parameters.


Format Excel Sheet : <PropertyName> : <PropertyParms>


< PropertyName > is a system keyword for an Excel cell property, viz.,ColumnWidth or CellTextWrap.

< PropertyParms > is a list of required parameters for the specified PropertyName and the number of parameters vary based on the PropertyName.


[Function: FileIOExcel]

Variable : InputFile : String : "D:\SampExcel.xls”

010 : Open File: ##InputFile : Excel : Write

020 : Format Excel Sheet: CellTextWrap : 5 : 6 : Yes

030 : Format Excel Sheet: ColumnWidth: 1 : 30

040 : Close Target File

In the above example, CellTextWrap is the PropertyName and “5: 6: Yes” is the parameter required for the CellTextWrap property.

Supported Properties



ColumnWidth: <ColumnNumber> : <Width>


< ColumnNumber > is used to specify the column number whose width is to be modified.

< Width > is the number used to set the new width of the column. Unit of measurement used for this parameter is Points.





< RowNumber > is used to specify the row number of the cell.

< ColumnNumber > is used to specify the column number of the cell.

< Enablewrapping > is an optional parameter which specifies whether to wrap the text or not. The default value of this parameter is Yes.

Note: An expression can also be specified in any of the parameters for the action.