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What’s New in Release 3.61

Action Enhancements

Action - BrowseURLEx

As we are aware, there is an action Browse URL/Execute Command used to open a web page or invoke an external application. There may be cases where subsequent actions are dependent on the completion of the previous action, i.e., the closure of external application. For example, the current action is used to execute an external file, which unzips/ extracts various other files. The subsequent actions use these extracted files to process further. In such cases, Browse URL, when used, will trigger the requested application and continue executing the subsequent actions.

Hence, in order to bring sync between the calling and the called application, a new action Browse URL Ex/Execute Command Ex has been introduced. The Action Browse URL Ex, when triggered, waits till the external application is closed, and then allows the application to resume with the subsequent action. Similar to ‘Browse URL’, the Action ‘ BrowseURLEx ’ can be used to:

Open a web Page in the browser

Open an external file with its associated application

Run an executable application

Open a folder in explorer

Note: BrowseURLEx is useful for URL, folder and executable without extension (e.g., tally instead of tally.exe), and it has similar behaviour as Browse URL.


BrowseURL Ex : <URL/File path/executable file path/folder path> [:<Command line Parameters>]


<URL/File path/executable file path> can be:

A URL, which can be opened in a browser

A file, which is to be opened with its associated application

An executable file, which is to be run/executed

A folder, which is to be opened in the explorer

<Command line Parameters> is an optional parameter. For example, Zip application may need parameter d to decompress, c to compress, etc.


To open a URL in browser:

Action : Browse URL Ex : “http://google.com”

Example: 2

To open a pdf file in pdf reader:

Action : BrowseURL Ex : “C:report.pdf\”

In this example, report.pdf will be opened in default PDF reader of the system. This can be useful while reading a report, which is exported in PDF format.


To open an executable file and wait for it to complete:

Action : BrowseURL Ex: “C:\7zip.exe”: “d software.7z”

In this example, 7zip is opened and the application waits until it finishes, i.e., the running application first waits for 7zip.exe to finish decompressing of software.7z, and then it proceeds further.


To open a folder:

Action : BrowseURL Ex : “C:\abc”

Function Enhancements

Function - $$ F ileRea d Raw

We have a function $$ FileRead to read the contents from a text file, which was designed to ignore quotes, comments, spaces, etc., while reading the entire line. Now, a new function $$ FileReadRaw has been introduced, similar to the Function $$FileRead, except that the Function $$FileReadRaw can read lines with:


Comment characters (; /* */)

Spaces & Tabs




<Number> d enotes the number of characters to be read.


[Function : Test FileReadRaw]

Variable : GetPath : String

Variable : Get_DownLoad_FileLine : String

000 : Set : GetPath : "C:\TextSource.txt"

010 : Open File : ##GetPath : Text : Read

020 : While : (TRUE)

030 : Set : Get_DownLoad_FileLine : $$FileReadRaw

Using this function, we can read lines with quotes, comment characters, spaces, tabs, etc. If $$FileReadRaw is specified with parameter, the behaviour is same as that of Function $$FileRead. If specified without parameters, the entire line is read without ignoring quotes, spaces, etc.