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Securing Dictionary

In Dictionary Manager, you can create dictionary files for specific serials, thus ensuring additional security.

To secure a dictionary file

1. Go to Edit > Dictionary Properties .

The Dictionary Properties screen appears as shown below:

2. Enter the required details in the fields Native Language Name , and Author Name .

3. Select the flags Authorization Required , or Deny Loading in Educational Mode , based on the requirement.

4. Select the target serials, in the Target Serials section, for which the dictionary file is enabled.

5. Click Check All or Un-Check All to select or un-select all the serials.

6. Click OK to finish.

In the Dictionary Properties screen, a GUID is created, by default. The GUID can be regenerated by the user, or pasted.

The .dct file created will be compatible only with the specified serials. If the .dct file is attached with any other serial, the translations will not be displayed.