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Components of Request or Response

<ENVELOPE> is the top element of the XML fragment which is representing the message. Both Request and Response consists of two sections:



Header Information

Header section will give all identification information to the recipient such as authentication, trans-action management, and payment so on. This section determines how the recipient of the message should process the information. Header information is classified in two ways, one is for Request and the other is for Response. All the information about Request or Response is enclosed with Header Tags.

In case of Request, header information includes mainly four elements which are Version, TallyRequest, Type and ID. Version gives the version of the message format. Second element TallyRequest will identify the type of request as Import or Export in the messaging format. If the value of Tally Request is Import then the type of information would be Data, and the request will be identified by the report name specified in ID. If the value of Tally Request is Export then the type of information would be Data, Collection, Object or Function. The ID specifies the name of Report, Collection, Object or function.

In the case of Response, there are mainly two elements which are Version and Status. Version gives the version of the message format. Status indicates whether the request is success or failure.

Body Information

It exchanges the information intended for the recipient of the message. This section gives the actual details of the message. It is further divided into two sections:

Description for Request/Response

Data required for the Request/Response

Description section is used to give the description for message, request or response. Description element mainly includes all types of variable information, storage information, computational information and user defined TDLs. All the description information is enclosed with <DESC> tags.

Data section includes all the data information being transferred. All the data should be enclosed within the <DATA> tags.