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What’s New in Release 5.4.8

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Function – IsAnyEmpty

Conditional WalkEx

Other enhancements

Customisation using productivity suites

This page includes information on all the important TDL improvements made in Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.4.8.

Language Enhancements in Primitives (TDL)

Function - IsAnyEmpty

When you want to check if there is an expression that evaluates to empty among a set of expressions, you can use the function IsAnyEmpty. This function evaluates the expression parameters in the sequence specified in the code. It will return True, the moment an expression evaluates to empty and ignores the subsequent expressions.




Expressions can be variables, formulae, functions, etc.


[Collection: TNOldAnnexIASummaryWithoutError]

Compute Var : HasError : Logical :$$IsAnyEmpty:##svRefNo:##svRefDate:##svLorryDate

Ensure that the sequence of parameters is such that higher the probability of an expression being Empty, earlier in the order they should be placed.

Previously, to evaluate more than one expression for empty, you had to use $$IsEmpty along with OR operator. Now, you can just use the new function to evaluate multiple expression in a single line.

Language Enhancements in Procedural (TDL)

The actions Increment and Decrement have been enhanced to accept multiple variable.

Language Enhancements in Query (Collections)

Conditional WalkEx

The condition parameter of the Collection attribute, WalkEx is now enhanced to check for every Source Object.


Walk Ex: <Collection> [:Condition]

Condition is optional parameter. When provided, each source object will be evaluated for based on the condition to decide if Walk Ex (of specified collection) has to be executed.

Other Enhancements

Please click the function/attribute name to know more.

$$IsCollSrcObjChanged : Currently, in Extract Collections while walking the sub-objects, there is no direct way of identifying if the source object context has changed. For this purpose, a new function IsCollSrcObjChanged is provided to identify when a source object is changed during a Walk.

$$CollSrcObj : A new function CollSrcObj is provided to evaluate expression in the context of source object while walking the current object.

Source Fetch : A new attribute Source Fetch is provided to fetch methods from source object context while walking the current object.

Aggr Compute : Apart from the keywords Sum, Min and Max, the collection attribute Aggr Compute is enhanced to support the keyword Last to extract the method value from the last object.

ReWalk and ReCompute : The collection attributes ReWalk and ReCompute are provided for re-computation in collections.

Prefetch and Source Prefetch : New attributes Prefetch and Source Prefetch are provided to pre-fetch the object method and retain the values for the subsequent usage within the current context, without having to re-evaluate the expression (in the Object Method) each time it is used.

Enhancements in Customisation using Productivity Suite

Customisation using Productivity Suite is enhanced to take MS Excel as an input file and produce the specified Excel file as an output. The data is evaluated in the tokenized input file and then, only the values are written to the output file specified in the configuration screen.

If the output file is present, data will be updated to the appropriate cells of respective sheets provided in the input Excel file. If the output file is not present, then the same input Excel file will be created with the specified output file name.

To support this capability, MS Excel is introduced as a new Resource Type in Resource definition.