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Opening Projects

In Tally.Developer 9, you can open a new project or file, or the most recent project or file.

To open a project

1. Go to File > Open Project .

2. Select the required project, and click Open . The selected project is displayed in the Project b rowser.

3. Double-click a file in the Project browser to view it in the Editor window.

The Project name and the Main program file name is displayed in bold.

Note: If you select .txt or other files, the Output window displays Invalid Format File message.

To open a File

Go to File > Open File .

Select the file to be opened in the Editor window.

Note: When you open files of other projects, they are displayed under Other Files in the Project browser.

To open the Recent Projects

Go to  the File > Recent Projects .

Select the required project.

To open the Recent Files

Go to File > Recent Files .

Select the file to be opened in the Editor window.