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Navigating Definitions

If a Definition Type and Name is known and the user needs to quickly switch to the same for reference, the option Jump To Definition can be used.

To navigate definitions

1. Go to Navigate > Jump To Definition .

2. Select the Definition type from the drop down list.

On selection of the Definition type, a drop down list appears for the selection of the Definition name.

3. Type the initial characters to display all the Definition Names starting with the same set of characters, as shown below:

On selection of the required definition, the user is directly taken to the selected definition as shown:

Folding and Unfolding Definitions

To expand or collapse definitions, click + or - on the left hand side of the Edit Pane as shown below. Alternatively, Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl + Plus or Ctrl + Minus can be used to expand or collapse respectively. While pressing Ctrl + Plus or Ctrl + Minus , the cursor should be on the line in which the Definition begins.

Ctrl + Click at any point on the left hand side of the Editor window pane can be used to Collapse or Expand all the definitions within the current file at once.