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What’s New in Release 5.2

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Column-wise repeat of data over a collection

Function – TplColumnObject

Column-wise repeat of data over a collection

The Form level attribute Repeat is used to repeat data of a collection column-wise in the reports created using productivity suites, using the function TplColumnObject .


Repeat : <Token Name> : <Collection Name>


<Collection Name> is the name of the collection or a sub-collection.

<Token Name> is the name of the token specified in the document template for evaluating the value using the attribute XML Map .

Function – TplColumnObject

Function TplColumnObject evaluates the given parameter in the context of the column object. In the absence of this function, the expression is evaluated in the current context of the Report .




<Expression> can be any expression which evaluates to any data type like, string, number, amount, and so on.


To print ledger names as columns:

Design the document template as shown below:


Token is specified in one cell, based on the number of objects in the collection, the columns are added.

Add the below code snippet in the required TDL.

[Form : Sample Report]

XML Map : LedName : @@TPLColObjName

Repeat : LedName : LedgerColl

[System : Formula]

TPL ColObjName : $$TPLColumnObject:$Name

[Collection : LedgerColl]

Type : Ledger

The output appears as shown below:




In this example, the collection includes three ledgers. All the three ledgers are added as columns.