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Hyperlink Navigation

All the definitions like collections, variables, system formulae,and others are hyperlinked from their reference to its definition. These definitions can be an attribute value, function parameter, action parameter, or an expression. When a hyperlink is clicked, a list will appear for developer to choose the definition, if multiple names of a definition exist.

Definition Reference Hyperlink

An existing definition can be accessed directly by pressing Ctrl + Click or Ctrl + Dot . Hyperlinks are provided for all the definitions in TDL.

On placing the mouse pointer over the definition name and pressing Ctrl + Click or Ctrl + Dot , the control is taken to the location where the definition has been originally defined.  The location may be either within the same file or some other file including default TDL Files.

In the above image, mouse pointer is on Name Field . On clicking it, the control goes to another location where the definition is defined as shown:


The user is trying to navigate to the definition Gateway Of Tally from the Sample project. Since multiple references exist, the user is prompted to select the location as shown:


From the Menu definition, the user can navigate to the Function definition as illustrated in the figure: