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"Use Edit Log for transactions/masters, and digital signature for invoices/reports with Release 2.1. Download NOW!"

Help Menu

The options available in Help menu in Tally.Developer 9 are explained in this topic.

About TallyDeveloper: Click About Tally.Developer 9 to view the Tally.Developer 9 splash screen.

TallyDeveloper Help: Click this option to launch the Tally.Developer 9 Help.

TDL Samples: Click this option to load the Samples project, which is a comprehensive  set of TDL files demonstrating all aspects of the TDL language.

Steps to Run TDL Samples: Click this option to open the document Steps to Run TDL Samples , which specifies the required steps to execute the Samples project.

TDL Reference Manual: Click this option to open the document TDL Reference Manual , which is a comprehensive guide to the TDL language.

Support Centre: Click Support Centre to post queries on Tally.Developer 9 and TDL. For more information on Support Centre , click here .