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TDL Project File

A TDL project file consists complete information related to the project like author, GUID, compiler options, authorization details, and so on. The project file is saved with a .tpj extension . The files in a project are saved with a .txt or .tdl extension.

A project file and the program files are displayed in bold in the Project Browser . When you insert or enter a valid Include definition in the TDL project or program file, the new program file is automatically displayed below the project file in the Project Browser .

For example, consider the TDL files Main.tdl , TD Test1.txt , and TD Test2.txt .  The file Main.tdl is the main TDL program file which contains all Include definitions. TDTest1.txt and TDTest2.txt are attached in Main.tdl by using Include definitions as shown below:

Retagging the Project

Right-click the project in the Project Browser , click Retag to retag the project. This is used to update the files (belonging to the project) with the latest information even if they are modified externally.

If the file is opened in the editor window, it will ask for confirmation for updating the latest file.

To get the latest file without opening the file, right-click on the project name in the Project Browser window and select the Retag option.

The output of the Retag option is displayed in Output tab of output window.

Browsing to the Project Location

Right-click the project in the Project Browser , click Open Project Location to view the folder where the respective project is saved.

Convert to XML TDL

The option Convert to XML TDL allows to convert the TDL project/file to XML TDL .

To convert a project/file to XML TDL

1. Load the project/file that is required to be converted to XML TDL.

2. Right-click the project/file, click Convert to XML TDL .

The converted XML TDL file is available in the respective project/file source path. The status of conversion and the location of the XML TDL file is displayed in the Build tab of the Output window.

Note: XML TDL is a TDL represented in Tally understandable XML format.