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Attribute References Navigation

In TDL, we can have the same attribute under multiple definition types where the behavior of attribute has a unique significance for each definition type.

Attribute Reference Navigation is used to perform Attribute Search within a particular definition type. In other words, this search allows the user to find all the instances where an attribute falls under a particular definition type. Attribute Reference Navigation helps the programmer to quickly locate the desired position by short listing the number of occurrences.

To search for attribute references

1. Go to Navigate > Attribute References .

2. Select the required Definition type in the Find Attribute Reference window.

3. Select the required Attribute within the selected Definition type to be searched.

4. Specify the Scope of search by selecting one of the options from the Search in drop-down menu.

5. Click Find to get all the matching results in the Reference tab of Output window.

The meaning of the various scopes are as follows:

The All Projects option is the default option and is used to search for the string in all the loaded projects.

The Active project option is used to search for the string in the currently active project.

The Default TDL Project option is used to search for the string in the default TDL files.

The All Open Files option is used to search in files that are currently open in the project.

The Current File option is used to search in the current File.

Reference tab displays all the Form definitions having the attribute On . Attribute On is used in multiple definition types and their purpose varies. The search has narrowed down to attributes under Form definition, thereby shortlisting the search results as required by the TDL programmer.