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Payroll Transactions in TallyPrime

In addition to the existing voucher types in Accounting and Inventory module, use the Attendance voucher type to record employeesā€™ attendance/production data for the attendance/production types created in payroll masters. Such data can be entered manually or can be automated using Auto Fill. and Payroll voucher is a document used to manually enter one-time/ad-hoc payroll transactions for individual employees; as well as Payroll processing activity for all or selected employees, using Auto Fill functionality. are enabled when Payroll is activated in F11 (Features).

Payroll vouchers record payroll-related data for employee and employer contributions. You can enter separate vouchers for every day or a single voucher for a given pay period, such as a month, with aggregated values. You can also enter data for one or more, or all employees.
You can record payroll data using the following processes:

The entry for payroll vouchers, like in attendance vouchers, can be manual or automated using payroll Auto Fill.

Employees PF, ESI and PT contributions are processed along with salary process. However, the payment in respect of PF, ESI and PT must be made separately.

In TallyPrime, you can record payroll payment transactions, as given below:

While recording payroll payment transactions, if the bank selected is enabled with the e-payments option in the master, you can use the e-payment options (e-fund transfer, e-cheque, or e–DD) to make all your payroll-related payments. For more information, refer to e-Payments.

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