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Record Employer’s PF Contribution in TallyPrime (Payroll)

In TallyPrime, you can process the Employer PF Contribution using a payroll voucher, and selecting the appropriate Payroll Ledger.

  1. Gateway of Tally > Vouchers > press Ctrl + F4 (Payroll).
    Alternatively, press Alt+G (Go To) > type or select > Create Voucher > press Ctrl + F4 (Payroll).
  2. Press F2 to change the Voucher Date.
  3. Press Ctrl+F (Autofill) to select the Payroll Autofill in the Autofill Screen.
    • Type of transaction: select the Type of Autofill as Payroll Autofill.
    • Process for: select the Salary Payment in the Process for field.
    • From (blank for beginning): enter the From Dates.
    • To (Blank for end): enter the To Dates.
    • Employee/Group: select the Employee/Group from the List of Employees/Group.
    • Payroll Ledger: select the appropriate Payroll Ledger from the List of Ledger Accounts.
    • Bank/Cash Ledger: select the appropriate Bank/Cash Ledger from the List of Ledger Accounts.
  4. Press Enter to open the Payroll Voucher Creation screen.
  5. By default, the Amount field is pre-filled with values.
  6. Narration is pre-filled with the Pay Period. You can change or add to the Narration.
  7. Accept the screen. As always, you can press Ctrl+A to save.

You can also process the Employer PF Contribution manually similar to Attendance Voucher creation.

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