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Connected Services in TallyPrime to Work from Home or Anywhere

TallyPrime gives you the flexibility to work from home or anywhere. With connected services in TallyPrime, you can access your Company data from anywhere and rest assured, your data is secure.

In TallyPrime, you can use Tally Virtual User (TVU), Browser Access feature, and the in-built Remote Access feature to access your Company data.

You just need to have a valid TallyPrime license on the computer in your office/cloud and an internet connection to use TVU to work from home or anywhere. Furthermore, you can use Browser Access feature and Remote Access feature if you additionally have an active TSS, and your company is connected to Tally.NET services.

With these connected services in TallyPrime, you can have your business data at your fingertips, even when you are attending a business meeting or out on a trip or working from home. In addition to that, it will enable your employees to use TallyPrime to work from home or during a business travel.

Security and Control 

You have complete control on who can access your company, and which features are available to the users. Further, your data will always be in your computer/cloud. Whenever a user connects to your company, based on the access permissions you have provided, the user can access the required features.

Audit Accounts

You can also allow your auditor to do verification of your books, if needed. If you are a Chartered Accountant, you can use your Tally.NET ID to get access to your clients’ data by making them give you access to their companies.

You can avail any of the following features based on your needs.

  • Tally Virtual Access (TVU)– to access Tally over a virtual environment through technologies like Windows RDP, Windows thin Client, Citrix, or similar technologies.
  • Remote Access– to record or alter your transactions, view reports, and print vouchers or reports.
  • Browser Access– to view or print reports and vouchers from any device.
  • Synchronisation – to exchange data between different branches. 

You may use TallyPrime in Educational Mode or with a Rental License.

Event Log

When you view reports using Browser Access or access your Company while working from home or anywhere, TallyPrime logs all such information in Event Log. You can view the number of instances you had connected for Browser Access and Remote Access and similar events, along with the timestamp for each event.

In this section

View Event Log

Press F1 (Help) > Troubleshooting > Event Log

Event Category: This lists the different events like Browser, Remote Access, Synchronisation, Import, Export, and so on, depending on the event that you have performed.

Event Type: This displays the type of event for each event performed, such as Info, Error, Status, and Warning.

Message: This column provides information about the event. For example, your company was connected successfully for different event types, there was a connection failure, and so on. 

Timestamp: It displays the date and time of an event. 

Clear Event Log

You can clear one or more events from the Event Log screen.

  1. Press Alt+C (Clear Log) to clear all the logs.
  2. Select Yes or press Enter to clear the logs.
Note: The events are listed in the order of the latest (on the top) to the oldest (at the bottom). 

Messages in Event log vs Calculator Panel

Event Log displays failure messages related to any activity or event performed through Top Menu. And Calculator Panel displays failure messages in Reports and Tables that are not part of the Top Menu.

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