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Licensing in TallyPrime Developer

Once you purchase TallyPrime Developer, you need to activate the license to enjoy all features of the new improved product.

Product Editions

  • TallyPrime Developer Silver Edition: The Silver Edition is a single-user license. Only one user can access the license at a time in a LAN environment. For another user to access the same license, all other instance(s) of TallyPrime Developer currently using the license must be closed.
  • TallyPrime Developer Gold Edition: The Gold Edition is a multi-user license. Multiple users can access the license at a time in a LAN environment.

License Options

  • Paid Subscription License: You can use the product for a year. When you purchase any edition of the product, you will get free product updates and a subscription for a year. Thereafter, you have to renew TSS once a year to get continuous product updates and other services.
  • Free 90 days Evaluation Version: You can use all the features of the product for 90 days. However, you cannot analyse and check the version compatibility in this version.
  • Educational Version: You can use the features of the product with some restrictions. You cannot analyse and check version compatibility.

Multi-Product Licensing Framework

All the Tally products follow a common licensing principle.

  • A single Tally Gateway Server can be shared for different products.
  • If the Tally Gateway server is installed for TallyPrime, the user can use the same gateway server for activating TallyPrime Developer. Only one serial pertaining to each product can be activated using the same gateway server.
  • All the licensing options are routed through the gateway server.

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