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Install TallyPrime SDK

TallyPrime SDK includes support files for building extensions to TallyPrime. The SDK is available for download with every release of TallyPrime, including the updates for the corresponding release. You need to install it in the corresponding TallyPrime folder.

TallyPrime SDK includes the following files:


The tdlserver.dll have the default TDL code for the corresponding TallyPrime release. By loading this you can view the Default TDL code of the respective TallyPrime release, and build solutions accordingly.

TallyPrime Developer allows you to load the Default TDL project of any TallyPrime release, one at a time. TallyPrime Developer displays the loaded Default TDL in the project browser, along with the release information. You can use the SDK of earlier or later versions of TallyPrime, as required.

To load any version of TallyPrime Default TDL

  1. Start TallyPrime Developer.
  2. Go to Tools > Preferences.
  3. Click Compiler/Execution Options.
  4. In TallyPrime Exe Path, select TallyPrime.exe from the folder where the corresponding SDK is installed. Ensure that tdlserver.dll in TallyPrime Exe Path has the same bitness as TallyPrime Developer.
  5. Select the option Load Default / Base TDL Reference from TallyPrime exe path. The Default TDL code for the specified TallyPrime release is loaded.


The tdlserver.DDIF is the metadata file of the corresponding TallyPrime release. The DDIF file is used to compare the metadata of the default TDL code of two releases and helps in the migration of customisations to the required release.

To understand the usage of metadata, refer version compatibility check.


TallyBase.DCI contains the base strings used in the corresponding TallyPrime release. You can use this to make changes to the language with the help of the Dictionary Manager tool.


The Resources folder contains the layout of statutory forms used for printing reports in TallyPrime. You can use these resources as a reference to build custom solutions.

Errors & Resolutions 

  1. Could not install product SDK during installation of TallyPrime. 

    Cause: This message appears when the installation of Software Development Kit (SDK) fails. This may be caused by a corrupt installer, or by older SDK components being used in the installation path.

    Solution: Close all the old SDK files that are being used in the installation folder and reinstall. If the problem persists, download a new SDK installed from download center (in the TallyPrime Developer support file section), and try again.

    Navigation to the download centre:

    1. Type https://tallysolutions.com/in the search bar.
    2. Click on DOWNLOAD at the top right of the page.
    3. Click on support files at the bottom of the download page.
    4. Click on TallyPrime Developer.
    5. Click on the SDK Installer under Download Support Files.
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