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Configuring Tally.Server 9 License

The option Configure Existing License must be used in a LAN environment to configure an existing license to your Tally.Server 9 from the Tally Gateway Server .

To configure your Tally.Server 9 license using the Gateway Server

1. Right-click tallyserver.exe , and select Run as Administrator .

2. Click S : Manage Server in the Tally.Server 9 monitor screen.

3. Click F3 : Licensing in the Tally.Server Information screen.

4. Click C : Configure Existing License in the Startup screen as shown below:

5. Enter the Tally Gateway Server and Port details in the Configure Existing License screen as shown below:

6. Press Enter to configure the license. A message Do you want to restart Tally.Server 9 for the changes to have effect? is displayed. Click Yes to save.

On successfully configuring the license, the Tally.Net User Login screen appears as shown below:

7. Enter the Tally.NET e-mail ID and password to proce ed.

Note : T he license details are displayed in the information panel.