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Activating Multi-Site Tally.Server 9 License

A Multi-site account is a type of account under which multiple Tally.ERP 9, Tally.Developer 9, or Tally.Server 9 licenses activated on different locations, can be added. Each site is given a unique identification by the user, termed as Site ID. The multi-site account is identified using a unique Account ID.

For example , a company with branch offices in multiple locations, where single and multi-user licenses are activated, can create a multi-site account and the administrator can centrally manage all the branch office licenses.

To activate a multi-site account

1. Start Tally.Server 9.

2. Click A : Activate Your License in the Startup screen as shown below:

o If you are a Microsoft Windows standard user, and do not have the required rights, a message appears as shown below:

Click Yes , and enter your computer administrator username and password to restart Tally.Server 9 with administrator rights.

o If youĀ have Microsoft Windows administrator rights, a message appears as shown below:

Click Yes , for Tally.Server 9 to restart with administrator rights.

3. Click F2: Multi-Site to view the Site License Activation screen.

4. Enter the Serial Number and Activation Key .

5. Enter the Account ID to which you want to add this license. Contact your administrator for this information.

6. Enter the Site ID . The Site ID should be a unique name to help you to identify this license.

7. Enter the Site administrator e-mail ID . The site administrator is authorisedĀ to perform all licensing operations for this site. The Site License Activation screen appears as shown below:

8. Press Enter to save. The Manage Account screen appears as shown below:

9. Click Create a new Site to activate this site license. A confirmation message appears on successful activation.

Note: Click Reactivate an existing Site to reactivate an existing site license.

10. Press Enter to view the Unlock License screen.

11. Enter the Unlock Key sent to your e-mail ID in the Unlock License screen as shown below:

12. Press Enter to unlock your license.

A confirmation message appears after you unlock your license.

Note : On activation, the license details are displayed in the Information Panel .