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Backup of Data from Tally.Server 9

Users may backup data so that a copy of all business information added into system is always saved. This can be extremely critical in case you wish to go back to a particular period and refer certain information or in case of data loss.

A Backup of data can be taken from Tally.Server Monitor . This operation can be done from any drill-down screen of either Company View or User View.

To take a backup,

1. Click F7 : Backup or press F7 . Backup sub-screen will be displayed as shown below:

2. In the Backup Companies on Disk screen, by default the cursor is at Name of Company , press Backspace to change Source or Destination .

3. Source – it is the source folder that contains data for which backup has to be taken. By default it is the Shared Tally Data folder.

4. Destination – it is a folder or an external device (pen drive/Portable Hard Disk etc.,) connected to the same or to another computer where the data backup has to be stored.

5. Select the companies whose backup has to be taken from the List of Companies displayed, then select End of List to complete the selection, or select All Items to take a backup of all the companies available in the respective data folder.

6. Accept to take the backup.

7. The Backing up Companies screen appears displaying the name of the company being backed up and the percentage completed.

8. The backup file TBK900.001 is stored in the specified folder.