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Service Tax in TallyPrime

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  1. View VAT, Excise, Service Tax Reports
  2. Getting Started with Service Tax
  3. Define Service Tax Rates
  4. Masters
    1. Creating a Group with Service Tax Details
    2. Creating Service Purchase Ledger
    3. Creating Service Sales Ledger
    4. Service Category Master
    5. Creating a Tax Unit
    6. Other Configurations for Service Tax
    7. Service Provider and Receiver Ledgers
    8. Service Tax Ledgers
    9. Creating Stock Item and Stock Group
  5. Transactions
    1. Sale of Service
    2. Sale of more than one Service
    3. Purchase of Service
    4. Exports
    5. Pure Agent Services
    6. Sale of Service by Professionals
    7. Advance Receipt with Service Tax
    8. Sale of Service with Tax Abatement
    9. Exempted Services
    10. Maintaining Separate Accounts for Exempted Services (Service Tax)
    11. Input Service Distributor
    12. Service Tax Transaction in Foreign Currency
    13. Voucher Class for Sales – Item Invoice
    14. Voucher Class for Sales – Accounting Invoice
    15. Specifying Rate as Inclusive of Service Tax
  6. Recipient Liability
    1. Service Received from Non-taxable Territory
    2. Import of Services
    3. Reverse Charge
    4. Configure Reverse Charge for Service Tax
    5. Tax Liability with Reverse Charge
    6. Modifying Tax Details in Transactions
  7. Adjustment Entries
    1. Enable Service Tax Adjustments
    2. Availing Input Credit
    3. Service Tax Adjustment Flags
    4. Adjustment Towards Tax Paid but Service not Rendered
    5. Adjustment Towards Excess Tax Paid
    6. Adjustment Towards Advance Tax Paid
    7. Accounting for Advance Received Towards Services to be Rendered in Future and Deducting the Service Tax for Bill Raised Later
    8. Moving service tax credit from Service Tax Report (ST3) to Excise Report (ER 1) 
  8. Payment
    1. Service Tax Payment Transactions
    2. Regular Payment
    3. Advance Payment
    4. Recipient Liability
    5. Challan Reconciliation for Swachh Bharat Cess Payments
    6. Interest or Penalty
    7. Interest or Penalty on Swachh Bharat Cess
    8. Interest or penalty on Krishi Kalyan Cess
    9. Arrears
    10. Late Fee
  9. Printing Invoice
  10. Reports
    1. Generate Form ST3
    2. Print, Export, and Validate Form ST-3 Report
    3. Summary of Transactions
    4. Form ST3 – Save, Re-compute, Overwrite, Save as Revised and Export
    5. Can I view tax liability details category-wise and transaction-wise to verify with ST3 report?
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