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Service Sales Ledger (Service Tax)

You can create a ledger for accounting the services rendered, under Sales Accounts group.

  1. Gateway of Tally > Vouchers > press F8 (Sales).
    Alternatively, press Alt+G (Go To) > Create Voucher > press F8 (Sales).
    Press Ctrl+H (Change Mode) to select the required voucher mode (Accounting Invoice, in this case)
  2. Enter the ledger Name.
  3. Select Sales Accounts as the group name in the field Under.
  4. Set Inventory values are affected? to No.
  5. Set the Rounding Method, if required.
  6. Set the option Is Service Tax Applicable? to Applicable.
  7. Set the option Set/alter service tax details? to Yes.
    • Enter a Name of the service category, if required.
    • Enter the rate of Service tax.
    • Enter rate of Education cess, if required
    • Enter rate of Secondary education cess, if required.
    • Enter the rate of Swachh Bharat cess.
    • Enter the rate of Krishi Kalyan cess.
    • Press Ctrl+A to save.
      The Ledger Creation screen appears as shown below:

 Create Service Sales Ledger in TallyPrime

8.Press Enter to save.

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