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Form ARE-2 (Excise for Manufacturer)

Form ARE-2 is an application for removal of excisable goods for export by Air, Sea, Post or Land. This form is issued by manufacturer or merchant when excisable goods are exported and claim of rebate of excise duty paid on inputs used in manufacturing process has to be made.

To generate Form ARE-2 in TallyPrime, press Ctrl+P in the export sales voucher recorded with the following nature of removals:

  • Export/Bond
  • Export/LUT
  • Export/Rebate
  • SEZ/Bond
  • SEZ/Rebate

A brief explanation about the form fields is given below:

Field Name


Page 1

Range Address

Displays the range address, as specified in the company or Tax Unit.

Authority Details

Displays the authority details, as entered in the ARE Details screen of the invoice.

Company Name and Address

Displays the tax unit’s name selected in the invoice  and the address entered in the Excise Registration Details screen of F11 screen.

Serial No.

Displays the serial number of the form ARE-2, as entered in the ARE Details screen of the invoice.

Description of Packages

Displays the details of the packages entered in the Description field of ARE Details screen.

Marks & Nos. on packages

Displays the marks and number of packages entered in the ARE Details screen.

Gross Weight

Displays the gross weight entered in the ARE Details screen of the invoice.

Nett Weight and quantity of goods

Displays the net weight, as entered in the ARE Details screen and quantity entered in the invoice.

Description of Goods

Displays the name of the items selected for the respective quantity used for recording in the invoice.


Displays the assessable value of the stock items  in the invoice.

Duty Values

Displays the duty rate of each duty head and amount (Amount – Value * Rate) for each duty head selected in the invoice.

Invoice No. & Date

Displays the rule 11 invoice date and number as entered in the invoice

Bond / Undertaking executed under rule 19 (if any)

Displays the LUT No. or Bond No. bond number based on the Nature of Removal (Export/LUT or Export/Bond) selected in the transaction, as entered in the ARE Details screen of the invoice.

Amount of Rebate Claimed Rule 18

Displays the total excise duty amount available in a transaction recorded with either Export/Rebate or SEZ/Rebate as nature of removal.


Displays any details entered in the Narration field of the invoice.

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