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Annexure 10 (Excise for Manufacturer)

The Annexure 10 report in TallyPrime displays details of CENVAT credit availed for the item with the highest duty involved, and the inventory details of the stock item (principal inputs, capital goods, and other inputs) on which CENVAT credit is availed.

Gateway of Tally > Display More Reports > Statutory Reports > Central Excise Reports > Manufacturer > Annexure 10.
Alternatively, press Alt+G (Go To) > type or select Annexure 10.

A brief explanation about the fields in the form is given below:

Field Name


Type of Document

Displays the type of document (excise purchase invoice or debit note) through which the credit is availed

No. and Date of Document

Displays the document number and date.

Name of the Supplier

Displays the name of the supplier with the information whether the supplier is manufacturer/first stage dealer/second stage dealer/importer.

C.E.No. of the Supplier

Displays the suppliers’ excise control code (ECC) number.

Date on which principal inputs/Capital Goods received

Displays the date on which the goods are received. In Tally.ERP 9, the purchase invoice date will be displayed in this field.


Displays the total assessable value of the voucher.


Displays the voucher-wise CENVAT availed amount.

Education Cess

Displays the voucher wise education cess availed amount.

Secondary Education Cess

Displays the voucher-wise secondary education cess availed amount.

For the main item in the document


Displays the name of the stock item in the voucher.


Displays the tariff HSN code specified at the Stock Item Creation screen, which was used in recording the voucher.


Displays the quantity of the stock item used in recording the voucher.

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