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Excise for Importers

You can click the following links for more information about excise for importers.

  1. Enabling Excise for Importers
    1. Masters
      1. Creating Masters for Excise
      2. Defining Tariff Rates at Company, Group and Ledger Levels
      3. Configuring Masters for Customs Duty
      4. Creating Excise Book and Serial Number
    2. Transactions
      1. Excise Purchase
      2. Excise Sales
      3. Purchase Returns
      4. Sales Returns
      5. Material In/Out
      6. Configurations for transactions
    3. Reports
      1. Statistics of Vouchers
      2. Customs Clearance Register
      3. Viewing Excise Stock CENVAT Register
      4. Form RG 23 D
      5. Resolving Mismatch in Tax Amount
      6. Return Transaction Book
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